The Nieuw Amsterdams Klarinet Kwartet consists of the four versatile clarinettists Sergio, Bart, Tom and Jesse.

The four gentlemen all studied at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, and their dynamism, devotion to the entire clarinet family and perhaps most importantly their pleasure in making music together are the cornerstones of the Nieuw Amsterdams Klarinet Kwartet (NAKK for short). Over the last six years the NAKK has established itself as a favourite with audiences throughout The Netherlands.

In 2015 the NAKK was nominated for the Grachtenfestival prize and in 2017 the quartet presented their debut CD “Ode to Amsterdam” at the Royal Concertgebouw’s popular “Tracks” concert series.

2018 in turn saw the release of their second CD “New Amsterdam Stories’.

The NAKK is also active internationally and have toured in countries such as Bulgaria, Brazil, France and Portugal. Whilst in these countries they also discovered the unique musical identities of these lands, and have subsequently brought this rich diversity to their own programming. Bringing music to the masses: this is where the NAKK truly shines. Think of their surprise performance for the unsuspecting passengers of a tram in central Amsterdam, or a spontaneous traffic-jam concert for the queue of impatient drivers waiting in front of an open bridge in the middle of a highway.

The NAKK actively seeks out musical challenges and exciting collaborations. Their whimsical approach to classical music combined with their spontaneity on stage is a crowd pleaser and the audience never fails to be quickly charmed!