New Amsterdam

A program inspired by "The New World”. New York, New York, with its melting pot of musical influences. Not only Bernstein’s West Side Story, but also Dvořák and Gershwin conjure up a bustling World City feeling.

Ode to Amsterdam

The NAKK presents an ode to their beloved Amsterdam. Let them guide you through the history of this special city and you’ll sneak a peak at the hidden gems of her musical soul, which turns out to be multi-faceted. Mokum (an affectionate and enduring nickname bestowed upon Amsterdam, from the Yiddish expression meaning safe haven) is home to the East European street musician, but also the Royal Concertgebouw and her visitors, home to Argentinian composer Diego Soifer who sees the city through different eyes than the Amsterdam-born Wim Sonneveld, the Dutch cabaret artist whose name is inseparable from the folk anthem  “Along the canals of Amsterdam”. Whilst for some, Amsterdam is the Venice of the North, it is a drugs paradise for others. The world capital of barrel organs, a city where a parking permit is more rare than fairy dust, Amsterdam is a diamond in the rough, or highly polished, depending on your vantage point. The NAKK celebrates Mokummers in all their glory in this musical homage.

West Side Story

Together with violinist Nadia Wijzenbeek, the NAKK presents its own version of West Side Story by Bernstein. The story is interwoven with works from the poet Robert Grijsen.


A program with an influential musical city at its heart. Leipzig, the city that homed Gustav Mahler, Richard Wagner, Robert Schumann, and of course Johann Sebastian Bach.