On Tour

In this program the NAKK is taking you with them on a tour to among others Bulgaria where they immerse themselves in the folklore with her irregular time signatures, to Portugal with it’s warm blooded music, to Addis Ababa, Sarajevo and Cordoba, the city’s to whom composer Guillermo Lago wrote his ode in the form of the piece “ciudades” and to many other destinations. Let the quartet direct you throughout the mundane music and become a world traveler with the NAKK!

Full of love

Let the NAKK tempt you with this affectionate and passionate program. The love from heaven in the fourth symphony of Gustav Mahler, the passion for improvised music written down with love by the obscure Russian Bar pianist Nikolai Kapustin, the broken heart and the silent wish for love in Robert Schumann’s “Dichterliebe” and the Puccini’s Italian Opera d’amore. Melt away with this homage to the most dark but also the most ecstatic feeling a human being can have, being in love.

New Finds

The NAKK is always searching for new finds for the entire clarinet family. New finds is a program in which the NAKK eagerly presents their newest musical findings. From self-discovered instruments till newly uncovered musical jewels, let the NAKK surprise you with their astonishing observations.